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3538 Teays Valley Rd
Hurricane, WV 25526

Hours of operations
Monday – Friday: 9am-6pm
Saturday: 9am-2pm
Sunday: Closed
On-Call Services 24/7

This is a letter to let you know what a good job you have done for our facility. While you have been servicing the pharmacy needs of both Nella’s locations the staff have been able to depend on you for not only the regular delivery service but dependable service on evenings, late nights, weekends and holidays. The staff and residents have also, been able to come to expect that if a specialty item is needed that your staff will work until the item is secured so as to ensure that the residents have no time that they are without their medications or treatment supplies. The office staff in your pharmacy are more than willing to help assist with any billing issues, they also, eagerly help any of the families of the residents.

Linlee Eidell RN LSW NHA, Nella's Inc.